Hello I'm

Adam Rawles

R Packages

I'm a psychology graduate from Cardiff University with an interest in R. I've developed an R package called BMRSr, that can help users download energy-related data from the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service API. For more about this, click on one of the "BMRSr" links or the BMRSr logo.

I've also developed a small package called faviconR that wraps around the realfavicongenerator.net API to convert images to favicons.

R Books

I'm also developing a set of R training materials called teacheR. This is aimed at beginners to the R language, but also to people who may be interested in learning to teach R to others. I'll cover all of the basic concepts in R, and there's an online presentation for each chapter for those who are visual learners or for prospective tutors who don't have the time to develop their own materials. Any feedback is greatly appreciated; just open up an issue on Github if you spot anything that you think is missing or should be changed.

Following from the teacheR materials, I'm also developing an applied R book called opeRate. This book will cover more applied data analysis and programming and follows on from the teacheR book. This is also a WIP so feel free to provide any feedback via GitHub.

R Training

Alongside the teacheR book, I also give an Intro to R course. Currently, there are 4 modules covering the real basics and then how to do some simple data analysis using the Tidyverse packages. Slides can be found by clicking on the "R Training" heading or using the links on the left and bottom of the page.